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Clinked is a secure client portal software that allows businesses of all sizes to create a branded online workspace for their clients. With Clinked, businesses can easily share files, collaborate on projects, communicate with clients, and manage their business from a single location.

Key features of Clinked:

  • Customizable portal: Portals are easily customizable to fit the branding and needs of any business.
  • Secure file sharing: Uses bank-grade security to protect all files stored on its platform.
  • Real-time collaboration: Collaboration tools allow businesses to work together on projects in real time.
  • Client communication: Provides a variety of tools for communicating with clients, including chat, email, and notifications.
  • Business management: Can be used to manage a variety of business tasks, such as invoicing, project management, and client relationship management (CRM).

Benefits of using Clinked:

  • Increased productivity: Help businesses to increase productivity by streamlining their workflows and providing a central location for all client-related work.
  • Improved communication: Help businesses to improve communication with their clients by providing a secure and easy-to-use platform for sharing information and collaborating on projects.
  • Enhanced security: Clinked’s bank-grade security helps businesses to protect their confidential information.
  • Reduced costs: Help businesses to save money by reducing the need for paper and postage, and by eliminating the need for multiple software solutions.

Overall, Clinked is a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes that want to improve their client relationships, increase their productivity, and reduce their costs.

I hope this information is helpful. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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MacOS, Windows


Browser, Desktop, Web, Windows

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